International Society of Political Psychology

International Society of Political Psychology
An interdisciplinary body studying political and psychological processes

Based at Syracuse University, New York, the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP) is an academic association with an interdisciplinary approach and the aim at fostering research and studies upon political pshicology and all possible related topics. Founded in 1978 the association counts now over 800 members coming from all regions of the world, from the Americas to Europe, from Asia to the Middle East and Africa. The ISPP website mainly provides access to general and membership information, paper and newsletter abstracts, and other contents related to the ISPP activities. Sample articles from back issues of Political Psychology, the journal of the association, are also retrievable in pdf format, as well as annual meetings’ programs, summer courses leaflets and thematic bibliographic references. Materials and information can be retrieved by an on-screen saving or be downloaded when a pdf format is available. A great variety of external links, pointing to resources in tune with the association’s overall interdisciplinary approach, is provided. Under a basic design – neither search or help options are included nor really needed – the ISPP website is easy to navigate, its contents are immediately to be located and its overall structure is extremely intuitive. Users at any level of expertise can orientate in this website.

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